Robin Simmons, Parent Coordinator


A Parent Association’s role is to:

  • advocate for students and families
  • update parents and families about the school
  • plan and run activities for parents and families

PA/PTAs can support schools in a number of ways, including:

  • hosting parent workshops
  • organizing activities for families—both academic and social
  • raising funds
  • running volunteer events


All of the following are automatically members of their school’s PA/PTA:

  • Parents
  • Step-parents
  • Legally appointed guardians
  • Foster parents
  • Persons in parental relation

Meetings are currently held on the third Thursday of the month September through June. The executive committee would like all parents to commit to at least three meetings a year. Are you a parent/caregiver with a talent or a business? Let us know! We are open to workshop suggestions.

For more info contact: (change school name with BGS Email)

PA President

Ms. Marilyn George (Grade 10 parent)

PA President

Ms. Yvonne George (Grade 10 parent)


Our school uses the new DOE-created Grades, Attendance, and Messaging applications.

These tools are designed to help you monitor your child’s progress, increase your ability to stay informed,  and connect directly with our school’s teachers and administrators, while keeping your child’s personal information as safe as possible. 

Grades, Attendance, and Messaging Family Guide

The DOE Grades application is an electronic gradebook for teachers. 

  • Teachers can create and grade assignments while maintaining all data fully secure and within the DOE. 
  • Teachers can import assignments from our school’s Learning Management System, [iLearn/Google Classroom], meaning that teachers will not have to do duplicate data entry. 
  • Students will be able to see assignments and assignment-level grades from the DOE Grades application in TeachHub in the fall. 
  • Parents will be able to see assignments and assignment-level grades in the NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal in the fall. 

DOE Attendance is an electronic attendance tool. 

  • Families already have access to their child’s attendance in NYC Schools Account (NYCSA) Portal
  • Teachers and school administrators will be able to quickly and securely update student attendance throughout the day. 

The new DOE Messaging application offers multiple methods for outreach to families, such as voice calls, emails, and SMS texts. 

  • Our school staff will be able to send families messages by course/class, by grade, or even to the entire school. 
  • Messages can be sent in English and the nine DOE languages


The School Leadership Team is currently looking for three willing parents who wish to join this team of school academic and culture leaders. SLT members can earn up to $300 for a 30-hour per school season commitment to the team. If you are an interested parent, contact

Ms. Simmons at: 718-968-4200 x. 4671 or

SLT Current Members
  • Ms. Fajardo – Principal, I.A.
  • Mr. Kretschmer – UFT
  • Ms. Gilligan – UFT
  • Ms. Sorger – UFT
  • Ms. Waddy – DC37
  • Ms. Sherrie Ebanks – Parent -PTA President
  • Ms. Marilyn George – Parent- PTA
  • Detwane Williams – Student
  • Dora Donaire – Student
  • Kelli Dunham – Community School Director
  • New Student Nominee: Amy Gonzalez
  • Lorraine Anderson
  • Verron Wilson
  • Latoya Eleam 

Your NYC Schools Account is your gateway to family-facing technology to support and track your children’s progress through public school education at the NYC Department of Education. Open an account today to apply to schools, track your children’s progress from Pre-K through high school graduation, and get access to other digital content for New York City families exclusively available to NYC Schools Account holders!


Opening a NYC Schools Account is the first step towards becoming more involved in your student’s education. Receive updates via text messages or email about school closures, emergencies, and upcoming events. Link your students and start monitoring things like grades, test scores, attendance.

The nycdoe website has a wealth of information for families. You can find everything from the school year calendar to regents exam schedules. There are forms in translations and links to resources. Parents even have their own resource page. Visit the following and bookmark them for future reference: