Instructional Programs


  • Our curriculum is culturally relevant, rigorous and engaging.

  • All students are expose to high level texts from authors all types of ethnic backgrounds.

  • Hands on approach to math and science helping students make meaning of content. 

  • Social Justice focus in science, where students try to solve real world issues in their community.

  • We offer 4 Regents Exams in 8th Grade.

Village Academy Offers the following High School Regents Courses: 

  • English Language Arts – Traditionally offered in 11th Grade

  • Algebra 1 – Traditionally offered in 9th Grade

  • Living Environment – Traditionally offered in 9th or 10th Grade

  • Language Other Than English – Traditionally offered in 10th or 11th Grade.


We also prepare students for the Specialized High School Exam (SHSAT).


We are approaching Literacy and Social Studies from a culturally relevant prospective

  • celebrating our students’ individual identities, culture and histories.

  • Students are developing a deep understanding of the role history has played on today’s governmental policies, laws, and personal viewpoints.

  • Students read, discuss and write about novels, texts, primary sources and secondary sources across genres to gain a deeper understanding of the themes presented in each unit.

  • Unit tasks and materials are modified as current event issues arise (i.e. asylum caravan crisis at the Mexican border)

Math Curriculum

  • Our students engage in authentic real-world tasks in math.  

  • These tasks are culturally relevant and include current events, controversial and social just issues. 

  • Through the use of manipulatives and measuring tools, student make their own meaning of math concepts. 

  • We align math to our science and humanities units to improve student engagement and student achievement outcomes. 

Strategic Reading Curriculum

  • All students placed in small groups based on reading levels
  • All students, regardless of reading level, are in Book Clubs
  • Students are reading culturally relevant texts with protagonists who represent images of themselves
  • During Socratic Seminars students are exploring themes such as police brutality, identity, tolerance and acceptance

Arts Program

  • In music students learn how to play instruments and read music.

  • In art students learn about different art styles and techniques.

  • In dance students learn about dance history and learn about different styles of dance throughout the world.


  • Our students learn how to read, write and speak Spanish 

  • Students learn about the holidays and cultural celebrations in Spanish speaking countries in Central, South American and Caribbean cultures.

  • Our Native Spanish speakers will have an opportunity to read literature and articles in Spanish.

  • Our 8th grade students will have an opportunity to take the Spanish Regents 

Physical Education

  • Students learn the fundamentals of sports such as Soccer, Volleyball, Basketball, Flag Football

  • We have a brand new state of the art weight room.

  • There is an option to come to school early to use the gym and weight room.

  • We have before and after school sports teams for all both genders.

Physical Education

  • Boy’s Basketball

  • Girl’s Basketball

  • Co-ed Soccer

  • Girl’s Volleyball

  • Cheerleading

  • Chess Club

  • STEM Club

  • Art Club